You DON'T have to get adjusted every week for the rest of your life. "Holding is Healing" and it's my secret for lasting transformations.


Are you ready to see some lasting changes in your health?

Dr. Nimira was able to restore my health and put an end to 20 years of headaches. I had tried everything before: physical therapy, regular chiropractors, acupuncture, but Dr. Nimira was able to perform her subtle adjustments and I no longer get those horrible, debilitating headaches! She is so smart and has a great bedside manner.
— Kathy C
I suffered with neck & lower back pain from sitting at the computer for long hours, and I couldn’t sleep. Having gone to other chiropractors and done physical therapy with no lasting effects, I decided to try something different.

After seeing Dr. Nimira, the chronic pain is gone, I have more range of motion in my neck, and I can sleep at night. I was even able to start exercising!
— Kristine V
Before coming to see Dr. Nimira I was seeing my previous chiropractor almost 2 times a week and after his adjustments I would hurt. I didn’t understand how something that was supposed to help me was hurting me and I think that’s why I kept going back - I was still in pain and getting headaches. I felt off balance and I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting better after being with him for a year.

Now, I don’t get as many adjustments and I can hold for a month or two months and it doesn’t hurt. I didn’t realize you could get adjusted and not be in pain. I’m going to keep coming and I would tell people who aren’t sure about it to give it a chance. If I hadn’t called for the consultation I wouldn’t be here with a much better body and emotional outlook.
— Ijeoma E