Here is how NOT to find a chiropractor...


I'm sure you've wondered how to decide who is the best chiropractor to work with, there are so many options to consider when making a decision. Today, I wanted to share how NOT to choose a chiropractor:

1. PRICE: The cheapest or most expensive chiropractor may or may not be the best fit for you. A good bargain for your wallet, may not be the best for your health.

2. DISTANCE: Just because there is a doc down on the street corner, doesn't mean they should be your first choice. Quality care that offers superior results is worth the drive! (I personally drive an hour to see mine!)

3. TIME: Are you looking for a quick fix or lasting results?

4. IN-NETWORK PROVIDER: Having health insurance is a great thing, but I would never let an insurance company determine what I can and can’t have for my health care. They have a legal obligation to make shareholders money, sometimes by denying the services that I need.

5. SKIPS X-RAYS: 95% of us have some type of malformation in the top 3 bones of the neck. In upper cervical chiropractic care we like to say "To x-ray is to see, to see is to know, and to know is NOT to guess!" Do you really want someone guessing with your health?

Instead, here are two things you might want to try instead:

1. Look for a doctor with amazing testimonials and use the referral of a friend. 

2. Call the doctor yourself to see if you connect and they're the right fit for you. 

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