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Is Your SUPERPOWER Activated?


Have you ever marveled at people who are aging gracefully, adapting to new physical demands, still able to do the things that give them joy year after year? Do they have a secret super power that the rest of us don’t possess?
Sadly, we all probably know more people who are struggling with aches, pains and illness that are slowing them down. We may even view this as normal, just something to be expected as we get older.
But the truth is, our bodies were designed to adapt to changes over time. The human body heals itself continually. Not only after injury or illness, but all the time. The constant replacement of red blood cells (at a rate of about 100 billion a day!) is a great example.
Our bodies are always working to detect and correct imbalances, to adapt to our current environment and to function perfectly. The brain-to-body communication that our nervous system provides is the key to self-healing. When interference with the nervous system inhibits communication between the brain and the body, our self-healing process starts to break down. This shows up in our bodies in a number of ways, even affecting how we age. Studies show that the brain controls the signaling pathways that provide resistance to stress on a cellular level – a key to reducing the effects of aging. A properly functioning nervous system can improve not only your current health, but your longevity.
Are you ready to reclaim your superpower? You can turn your body back into an adaptability specialist with upper cervical chiropractic care. Diagnosing and correcting just one tiny area of the spine alleviates interference in the nervous system. This allows the rest of the spine to reset itself. The end result? Your body works as it was designed to. It adjusts, adapts and heals – that’s powerful!
So if you’re suffering with symptoms that you chalk up to “normal aging,” think again. Struggling as we age is not normal. It’s a sign that our self-healing process is stuck. Let’s turn your body back into the amazing adapter that lets you live happy, healthy and pain free!

The Calm Before the Storm...


October is one of those special months I notice every year.

The craziness of back to school has finally settled and there is this quiet, calm feeling as everyone gears up for the holiday chaos that begins the week of Thanksgiving.

It's also one of my busiest months. Just as everyone prepares the physical buildings they live in when they know a storm is approaching with sandbags and supplies for living comfortably, many people are actually preparing their bodies for the same crazy, stressful storm of the holidays that they're going to experience.

It makes sense right? If you're going to prepare your space, you should probably also prepare yourself? To be adaptable and ready to take on all the meetings, and deadlines, and parties, and family time that while very enjoyable, is also pretty taxing on the body.

Making sure your body is adaptable to stress will keep you calm, pain free, have stronger immune function, and full of the energy you need to get through the holidays. Know what determines how adaptable you are? The brain and nervous system!

And a bonus? On New Years Eve you won't have to prep a resolution to take care of yourself better next year. You already will be 3 months ahead, cruising through the first of the year already on your way to accomplishing a resolution that may never have happened "one day".

So, if you're like many of my other clients and you want a leg up on the crazy season that's about to be upon us, give me a call at 805-244-6769 to set up a phone consultation. We can see where you're at and put together your plan for getting through the next few months with ease. 

Connect soon, October will be over before you know it!